The Raft We Arrived On

by Torchlight Red

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released June 5, 2009

Recorded with Joel Kern
December 27th, 29th, 30th and 31st, 2008
Nor-Bel, Missouri
Art by Cara Murphy; Clipart courtesy FCIT




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Torchlight Red

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Track Name: Climbing Mountain, Climbing
Climbing mountain climbing
We climb mountains for glory
Soaring mountains bore we
Every plane has a story

Climbing mountain climbing
Soaring mountains bore we
Climbing mountains climbing
Come on now, Liberate me

Thinking thoughts, we're thinking
We think thoughts and pleasure
Soaring thoughts flew by me
Every item is a treasure

Prosper the work
Into the our hands
Proper the

Climbing mountain climbing
Soaring mountains bore we
Climbing mountains climbing
Come on now, Liberate me
Track Name: Stony Places
Our house is made of stone and stony places feel like home. Our heads just break apart and stony faces seem like art. The lights that made the elders cough. The spells that we had soon wore off. And just because the words were wrong we had to watch the children sing their last song. Get yourself away in cars. The loneliest places are in the children's scars. Get yourself away from Mars. The stoniest places are in the soldiers' scars.
Track Name: Oak
Scientists and trophy wives will soon hear their call to the wild. Today we'll have a drastic change in our lives, where sharks and minnows float on by. Oh, the flood will come just like a rebirth. Soon us fish will take back all the life on this earth. Oh, we will have life once we can breathe. But it won’t be the same. Soon we'll pull everyone of those crooked teeth. We’ll be the same. Oh Egypt and Rome crumble before the night. And our whole lives flash before our eyes.
Track Name: Sweaty Faces (slugs)
Trace back the tracks of the shoes in the snow. Trespass; we've got no more room to grow. Trace back the tracks of the show in the snow. Slugs step back from the trees to grow. Clap hands together now; pray for warm weather now. Just like a pack of wolves, my friend, we get hungry again. Just like a chart without a trend, just like a line without an end, just like a fish on barren land we get hungry my friend.
Track Name: Would You, Would You
We got tired. We got tired of waiting around. We got what we wanted. We brought this on ourselves. Would You?
Track Name: In Our Prime
In our neighborhood, in our beds nothing felt so good in our time. And they'll bring us back when we’re dead. And nothing would have felt so good in our prime. Now you've got nothing to lose. Now you've got something to prove. Now you've got everything to lose. So young, so filled with innocence. We all fulfill our promises. So young, so filled with ignorance. We stop, forget our promises. Come on now, villain be a hero. Just go down, without sound. Just go quiet with grace and silence.